I have received a certificate from Solidworks for Associate Mechanical Design, attached below. 
Solidworks Project
This project is an example of my Solidwork knowledge, while testing my modelling skills and measurement accuracy. I used a calliper to measure Apple Airpod Pros and then transferred the dimensions into a 3D model in Solidworks. I then 3D printed them to test if they would fit back into the charging case. Here is the process:
Measurements were performed with an electronic calliper and pictures were used in Solidworks to help create a structure. 
Solidworks Modelling 
3D Printing

I 3D printed two prototypes to test my measurements and tolerance. 

The printed parts had a few minor inconsistencies when compared the the actual airpods, but none of them were large enough to be noticeable when fitting.

They Fit!
In the end my printed airpods did fit, although it was tight and there would need to be more adjustment to fit the charing port on the bottom if further development were to occur.
Technical Drawings