Type: 2nd year project
Duration: 1 month
Objective: To create a clutter organizer that can store or display items as part of its function. Identify unique organization needs that will appeal to target retailers. This organizer must be simple and mass-producible. It must use only flat-stock materials which can be assembled and disassembled to fit into space-efficient retail packaging to be cost affective.
Contextual Analysis
I chose to design a suitcase organizer to assist people when packing and utilizing there suitcase on the go. I focused on carry on luggage and tried to balance simple structure without forcing users to organize a certain way.
I conducted two case studies to research how people travel and use their suitcase on the go, specifically once arriving at a hotel. Both participants work a busy lifestyle and travel frequently for work.
Case Study 1
Users Pain points
• Not designed with any consideration for travelling with electronics – you just throw your laptop, tablet, cables, etc. in with the rest of your stuff
• Very dependent on external accessories like packing cubes to organize your items effectively (i.e., I travel with one packing cube for running shoes, one for ties, one for personal items, and one for bigger clothing)
• No real way to separate laundry items as you travel
Case Study 2
Users Pain points
• Bending over to pack
• Jamming stuff in along the sides
• Putting shoes in bag to keep clothes   clean
• Clothes getting wrinkled/crushed
• Grabbing the luggage rack out of the   closet and trying to find a place to set it   up 
• Lifting suitcase onto the bed in order to   unpack 

Final Development
With the research from my two case studies it was evident that there was need for organization help. My final product easily slips in and out of a carry on bag and only helps organize up to 2/3 of the suitcase. 

Its main feature is the ability to be pulled out when unpacking, extend the shelves and hang up as an on the go dresser. 
My final prototype was sewn with nylon fabric and acrylic inlays were aded in the shelfs to add support. There are two metal hangers for quick set up and easily tuck away once in the suitcase. It is fully collapsable to save space and can expand up to the entire size of the suitcase if desired.
Final Specifications
My product can be easily folded down into a space saving format, making it ideal for traveling.

The acrylic inlays are flat-stock and help pack down the organizer when not in use.

The dimensions will fit the international standard carry on suitcase dimensions.