Enhancing Onboarding

What is Symend?

Symend is a customer engagement platform that enables personalized content creation, including emails, texts, websites, and event orchestration. Enhanced by behavioral scientists, it ensures personalized messaging tailored to specific use cases.

Project Overview

Established the user experience of exporting and importing playbooks from one organization to another.


UX Designer, Product Manager

Worked with

Product Managers, Engineers,
Customer Success Managers



  • Unable to identify ammount of steps and what to prepare for

  • Hard to identify users progress when the checkmark would replace the step number

  • Content was often too large for the dialog, causing constant scrolling

  • Users can view every step and its label to anticipate what is next

  • State is adjusted to keep step numbers constant during different states.

  • Full screen experience instead of modal, containing more information comfortably

  • New requirements identified and implemented.

Divergent Concepts.

Refine Concepts

With the time contraints with this project, I did not have time to test users to gather feedback and converge on a concept. Instead I relied on my design team to pull key components from each concept into the final refined concept.


Taking most inspiration from Option 2 and combining it with a fixed footer from Option 1 and constant step numbering from Option 5.

Refine Interface and Test Edge Cases.

New Requirement Identified.
  • New actions:

    • Add new

    • Overrite existing

    • Stop and map to existing.

Final Interface.

Last updated 06/2024

© 2024 Ty Summers

Last updated 06/2024

© 2024 Ty Summers

Last updated 06/2024

© 2024 Ty Summers